The Battery Alliance


The Problem:

Battery Park City, a community developed to provide affordable housing, is being destroyed by failures of the state and the city. Home values are being wiped away by exorbitant and increasing ground lease and PILOT fees, to the point that homeownership in some buildings costs more than renting. Moreover, the egregious sums paid by homeowners in the community are not being spent on the community but instead are being wasted on needless pork barrel spending projects, resulting in the decline of our community. While homeowners have tried to work with relevant governmental authorities to address these issues, those in power have only kicked the can down the curb, rather than help find a solution. Instead of letting them continue to disregard our concerns while wiping away home values, The Battery Alliance is organizing local homeowners to advocate for measures to save our community, including the five-point plan below. We need your support to make sure local homeowner voices are heard by government officials.  If you agree with our plan, please contact our elected officials and the Battery Park City Authority using the form on this page. Thank you.

Our Five-Point Plan:

1.  All PILOT and Ground Lease increases must cease indefinitely for all condominium buildings.

2.  The BPC Ground Lease must be extended for an additional 99 years beyond its 2069 expiration date.

3.  Condos must be given the opportunity to purchase the fee for their buildings for ten times 2020 rent.

4.  New York City must treat ground lease payments as an expense in calculating PILOT payments.

5.  Control of Battery Park City parks and esplanade must be transferred to the Hudson River Park Trust.

Contact Government Officials:

Please use the form below to let our government officials know you are a concerned homeowner. (Below is some suggested text, which you should feel free to customize.) Once you press “Submit,” your message and info will be simultaneously dispatched to relevant officials.

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